Dj Boogie Sid in the line up for GIMC

This year a lot has been said about one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Gaborone Internationam Music Festival (GIMC) has at some point been called off by naysayres following allegations that were surrounding its organizers. Leapfrog which is the leading organsing company behind the festival has had its name dragged. The founding manger alone faced more nasty headlines than the company itself. However the public relations master could not wallow down in tears but soldiered on. He went on ahead to make preparations for this year’s festival.

In his quest to make the festival the biggest in the region Fish Pabalinga has ensured that this year his company brings in some of the best musicians in the region. Among them is a DJ of choice as he has been named by many, Dj Boogie Sid will be in town to serenade alongside other musicians. The DJ is well known for his versatality in music, he is able to fuse in different instrumentals to make his music. He is an award winner of note hence the title the DJ of choice. His stardom took shape when he won the award for the best DJ at the Sprite DJ awards back in 2005.

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