Don’t quit your day job

If you are not happy in your job, don’t quit yet.Secure your new job first before you tender your resignation. Don’t listen to the guru advice that when you jump, your parachute will open.Not everyone has the resilience and strength to survive the ordeal of unemployment. When you worry about paying your bills without a salary, you won’t have the peace of mind to do anything.Having a day job gives you financial security, pay the bills and put food on the table. When these are taken care, you will have the peace of mind to pursue your dreams.In the day, you work for a living. At night you work for passion.You can have the best of both world.You can do what you love and earn extra income.Some people wake up an hour early before work to do their email marketing.

Imagine what you can achieve if you spend one hour before work and one hour after work on your side hustle.

Some work in the day and study at night.That’s how they got their other degrees and manage to switch careers.It trains discipline and focus.We also know someone who have two jobs,a day job and a night job. A teacher by day and a tutor by night. A driver by day and businessman by night. A secretary by day and a hostess by night.With online marketing and remote working, you have the flexibility to juggle more than one job.

So don’t quit your day job yet until you secure a better one. #KnowldegeExchange

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