Earth Life Africa Tournament Grand Finale Draw This Weekend

This coming weekend Earth Life Africa and Five Star Meat Place in conjunction with Botswana Billiards Confederation will conduct the live draw for the 2nd Annual ELA tournament grand finale where the winner shall be pocketing P50 000. The 32 finalists will be pitted against each other in the presence of media (BTV) and different stakeholders at Botho University on Saturday 25th February 2017.

All the ELA Finalists, are urged to be there at Botho University on Saturday for the draw, at 8 am. Afterwards there will be an open tournament at Five Star Meat Place for all the Pool Lovers. P100 is the charge and the tournament will be hosted by Earthlife Africa (ELA) and Five Star Meat Place.

1st P 2, 500
2nd P 1, 500
3rd P 1, 000
4rth P 500

Regarding the toss, it’s important to know who you’ll be facing in the finals so you study how to counter their strategy, and make the finals REALLY interesting, so be sure you attend, abs especially for the toss.

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