Eco Wash Mobile Dispensing Units Soon To Be Available To Botswana Youth.

The Eco Wash Youth Development is an opportunity for Batswana youth by creating environmental entrepreneurs. Primeone (Pty) Ltd as the local agent for Eco Wash is facilitating formal business training for Young Batswana Entrepreneurs who wish to avail themselves of this wonderful business opportunity.


The Eco Wash mobile dispensing machine is a small, compact piece of equipment that can wash and polish a car using only 1 litre of water. A conventional car wash consumes about 250 L of water. This equipment is used in South Africa by most major car brands. It is also used extensively at Malls, Office Parks, and Golf Clubs etc. It offers convenience to tenants and patrons of having their cars washed and polished whilst at work.



No longer will the youth be banished to second rate car wash facilities. They will have access to this state of the art equipment. The significant thing is that during the wash process not a drop of water falls on the floor. Cars can therefore be wash and polished where they are parked without the need to move them to a wash bay. The project is aimed at three things:

1. Enterprise Development
2. Water Savings
3. Convenience to customers of having their cars washed and polished where they are parked.

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