Frost Working With Sasa Klaas On Some New Music

Pula hitmaker Frost and the queen of hip hop Sasa Klaas are working together on some new music.

Frost took to social media to tell his fans that he is will be releasing a single featuring Sasa Klaas titled ‘Bridgign the Gap’.

“Watch out for my next single “Bridging the Gap” featuring Sasa Klass.ย ?.#MotlhagaGang”. he wrote.ย 

Frost released Kgwanyape in April and the song has been doing well and has been on the number one spot of local radio stations’ Top 40 charts. Sasa Klaas also released a song earlier this year titled ’24’, a diss track ‘dedicated’ to his former lover Ozi F Teddy and the song was very popular then. We haven’t heard anything from her since and hopefully this will be the return of Mrs. Hip Hop.


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