Gaborone Chama Open II Billed For Saturday 25th March 2017

After the first installment of the Gaborone Chama Open was a success,the organizers have decided to come up with season II. This up coming tournament will be bigger, better and more exciting. This is the time for us to take an indigenous sport out there and probably make a living out of it.

Skool is P100 for seniors and P50 for juniors (under 12). 1st prize senior – P2000 and 2nd prize P500. 1st prize junior – P500 and 2nd prize is P250. Ticket sale points to be announced soon. *Juniors must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18. The first 5 people to upload a video of them scoring a CHAMA by finger flick will win a free players ticket to the upcoming Chama tournament. They will also stand a chance to win the P2000 prize money.

Rules For This Challenge –

1. The video must be taken from behind the bricks and must clearly show you finger flicking from the start line, 5m away;

2. There must be a glass bottle behind the 3cm wide goal;

3. In the video we must hear the PING of the marble hitting the bottle, at that point the camera must then go in front of the goal and show the marble inside the goal. You will need a friend to help you shoot this;

4. Videos must be short; 5. Hashtag your video #ChamaChallenge and post on this page.

Please tag anyone you know “o o blind mo chameng

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