“Governing is burdening the current government” – Mmolotsi

The leader of Minority in Parliament, Honourable Wynter Mmolotsi says the current government is failing on most aspects.

According to Francistown South legislator, the government of the day is failing dismally, and should accept that they are failing so that they can get help.

Mmolotsi is of the view that having a residential plot is essential, and that no country can grow economically while citizens are poor and without plots.

“It is embarrassing that it is only today that the landboards are allocating residential plots to people who applied in 1978, while we were fresh from independence. At Francistown, it is people who applied in 1994 who are being allocated plots currently, at that time I was still a student. The government should take land allocation issue serious so that people can have their own plots.” Mmolotsi charged.

Furthermore, the vocal legislator is calling for those who could not be allocated plots in the past due to marriage to be prioritised. In those times, before the laws changed, one was not allowed to apply for a residential plot if their spouse owned one. Mmolotsi argued that those should be prioritised as it takes long to allocate plots.

Mmolotsi is also worried about unemployment, especially amongst the youth. What troubles the legislator the most, is that the government has no comprehensive programme addressing the issue of unemployment. Francistown South legislator has warned that the youth won’t be patient forever and when they reach their pain and indignity threshold, there will be an uprising – a violent one.

“Most of the times people get jobs on the basis of friendship, and political parties they subscribe to, not on capability. Example; most of ministers here won’t be ministers if we had a proper way of electing/hiring ministers. Hiring of ministers in Botswana is not based on capability, it is based on other things which are not beneficial to Batswana, that is why currently it seems as if there is no government.” Mmolotsi lambasted.

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