Government has secured funds for improvement of road infrastructure in the Ngamiland region.

Addressing Gudigwa residents during a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) activation drive on Thursday, President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi urged them to exercise patience as ground breaking ceremony would be performed once the budget had been allocated to pave way for commencement of the envisaged project.

He explained that the government was equally concerned about the state of the roads as some had surpassed their lifespan.

He said initially there was a delay to improve the roads because the government and that of China could not agree on the project cost and terms of the loan.

In addition, President Masisi revealed that COVID-19 pandemic also exacerbated the situation as funds were diverted to purchase vaccines towards the fight against the pandemic.

He urged residents to rally behind BDP in the upcoming elections scheduled for 2024, saying it was the only party that was resolute in its efforts to improve the livelihoods of Batswana and to ensure developments were implemented to stimulate employment opportunities.

All the promises that the party made in previous years, he said, were being fulfilled citing the newly opened JP Kavindama hospital in Shakawe and the Mohembo Bridge, which had eased movement for residents residing on either side of the Okavango River.

He also cited the Mawana power substation, which he said was also important project that helped to improve power stability of North West power grid and supplied Khoemacau mine with power.

β€œBDP decided to invest P2 billion on the said project to provide reliable power for users and enterprises in the region and made an outstanding contribution to mineral exploitation and economic development. I believe there some youth from Gudigwa working at Khoemacau Copper mine,” he added.

Furthermore, President Masisi noted that there was another copper mine opening in Ghanzi which would also provide employment opportunities for Batswana.

Efforts, he said had also been made to expand Maun International Airport to boost the tourism sector, adding that his government had also ensured that citizens participated in the industry.

However, he expressed concern that some concessions had been allocated to foreigners and called on Batswana to rectify that by giving his party another chance to lead in 2024.

Failure to do so, he said they would remain spectators in their country as far as tourism was concerned. β€œYou should continue to vote BDP back into government to secure the future of your children. Our party has laid a solid foundation which all can cherish and I had invited my counterpart from Angola to visit and discuss how best we could benefit from the Okavango Delta,” he added.

North West regional chairperson, Mr Reaboka Mbulawa concurred that BDP differed with other parties adding that it was the only party that put the interests of Batswana first.

He said BDP prioritised development, adding that it had done a lot in Ngamiland in terms of addressing challenges faced by the community citing disease outbreaks such as Foot and Mouth Disease, lung disease, malaria among others.

He appealed to Okavango community to support President Masisi in his quest to the lead the country, saying that they should shun opposition parties as they made empty promises.

β€œBDP is the only party you can trust with the future of the nation and other parties cannot be trusted because they are not ready to lead,” said Mr Mbulawa.

He said President Masisi had worked hard to ensure Batswana participated in the tourism industry, noting that currently many owned campsites and lodges. ENDS

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