Hello Botswana! Post Your Online Bio For Free On Wiki Mzansi

Post Your Online Bio For Free On Botswana’s Wiki Mzansi because online presence is very important nowadays and the odds are anytime someone hears about you the first thing they do is do a google search about you! When in business or trying to create a professional presence an online bio is critical to ones exposure thus the importance of a digital platform like Wiki Mzansi for Botswana looking to establish themselves online.

Post Your Online Bio For Free On Wiki Mzansi
Post Your Online Bio For Free On Wiki Mzansi

Launched by Nine80 Digital which is also a company that owns Botswana Youth Magazine. Wiki Mzansi is setting the tone for the need for Africans to take charge of how their life stories are coined and narrated. Whilst getting biographies on some African personalities has been harder over the years, the launch of Wiki Mzansi seeks to address these challenges around stringent wikipedia entries and limited online resources on African personalities.

Here are 5 Things you might want to know about Wiki Mzansi

1. Unlike other profile platforms Wiki Mzansi will cover personalities in sectors such as business, government, politics, sports, entertainment etc

2. Wiki Mzansi is a continental project which will cover individuals across the continent and not only be limited to the Southern African or Eastern Africa which had previously been the case.

3. Based in South Africa, Wiki Mzansi is an African resource that is pan African in it’s nature and for Africa by an African.

4. Individual can post and publish their bios for free on the digital platform by simply visiting

5. All published bios will be moderated and evaluated before publishing to ensure quality and authentic biographies.

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