How do you cope with unemployment and job loss?

The harmful effect of unemployment has seen many become walking dead. Their best efforts is rewarded with rejection but they hang up to hope in the face of hopelessness. Being unemployed has become a burden too heavy to carry. An unemployed person in some aspect has become an object to be helped and sometimes ridiculed. The education of many have been called to question due to this syndrome.

When an young person has no job in spite of his best efforts, even some of his close friends begin to doubt his education and capability. The season of hardship has few friends and the suffering on the land make helping a scarce commodity.

Having laboured to gain a degree and even a higher one, there is no guarantee that there will be a job for you. Friends who by divine providence have got something treat you with disdain. The more one last in the unemployment market the more the feeling that one has probably made a mistake by going to school.

Among family members the same scenario plays out. Parents who have emptied their lean purses into your brain expects you to relieve them of the burden of caring for the younger ones. You are overtaking in the family ladder as your younger ones whose menial jobs sustains the family assume headship. What can one do without money these days? You would have attended many interview sessions but to no avail. You return from each one with pain in your heart for your failure to fend for yourself and family.

When one is unemployed, he is literally burdened; anywhere one goes the feeling of disappointment appears in the horizon. You can’t contribute anything among your friends and those who contribute something remind you of your inability to do so. Gone is the era where some contribute money and others ideas and knowledge. No matter how beautiful your idea seems, it won’t be taken. What did you contribute is always the annoying question. Some without the fear of God will tell you if you want to remain an unemployed person all your life as if you enjoy being one.

When your landlord appears for rent you are helpless. You may have been accommodated by a friend who is also facing the harsh reality of life but you want to help out but can’t. The visit of landlords can be annoying as embarrassing if resources are not available to upset bills. An unemployed person sometimes seem like a cursed person. During his time of job search and being accommodated by others, he can be exposed to all manner of things.

Being unemployed is not crime and should not be punishable by mockery and ridicule. It is a phase that all genuine persons seeking jobs will pass. God would not have allowed you to go through all the pains of academic pursuit to end up a laughing stock. The delay in getting married due to lack of a job can be disappointing but when a man losses hope he is finished.

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