ICYMI: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health – Shenaaz El-Halabi Twitter Interview

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Shenaaz El-Halabi took some time today to address some of the health issues affecting Yong people on Twitter today.Β  In her current position she oversees the departments of Public Health, HIV/AIDS and Health Policy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation. Below are some of the tweets and answers.

Shenaaz El-Halabi

Which ways of circumcision are available? Or isΒ thereΒ only one way?


What are some of the side effects of contraceptive?



What is the best way to stay safe and healthy?


Young people are at risk but are ignorant to STI info,consequences. only concerned about HIV. Let’s talk more about these STIs


What about new prevention technologies such as microbicides and pre-exposure prophilaxis, whats our position?


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