Important Hints On Using The Female Condom

The female condom is a pouch that is used during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk ofย sexually transmitted diseases. Many women are still intimidated by their male counterparts who sometimes refuse to use a condom, so it’s high time ladies take control and put their health as first priority. The following hints will help you on how to use the female condom.


Before Opening.

โ€ข Check expiry date on sachet
โ€ข Spread lubrication around by rubbing packet with hands.
Open sachet: tear down from arrow at the top.
1. The FC2 female condom is made of nitrile (synthetic)
โ€ข Inner ring, used for insertion and holds condom in place.
โ€ข Outer ring, covers the external genitalia.
2. Squeeze sides of inner ring together to form a point.
3. Insert squeezed ring into vagina.
4. Push up as it will go. Condom should not be twisted.
5. Before sex. Guide penis inside condom.
6. Removal. Hold and twist outer ring, pull out.
7. Discard in rubbish bin.


1. For extra moisture and comfort use any water or oil based lubricant.
2. Add extra lubricant if:
โ€ข Outer ring is pushed inside the vagina.
โ€ข Penis sticks
โ€ข You hear noise during sex
3. Be careful of sharp nails and jewelry to avoid tearing the condom
4. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible, at least within 72 hours, should the female condom leak or burst during use.
5. If the sachet is obviously damaged discard the female condom and use a new one from an undamaged sachet.
6. Consult a doctor or pharmacist about the compatibility of topical medicines that may come into contact with the FC2 female condom.
7. FC2 female condom is for single use only and cleaning and reuse can compromise the integrity of the device.

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