Iron fist rule ahead of President Day Holidays

It has became a norm now that the Holidays come as a package with maximum restrictions. This time was not an exception, with only two days left to Sir. Seretse Khama Day holiday, and Seventeen (17) days to President’s Day Holidays, restrictions and punishments are mushrooming.

Yesterday the government issued gazette imposing a sudden ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages. The gazette stipulated that “all liquor stores in Botswana shall remain closed and liquor shall not be sold or consumed in public places until further notice”

According to the Director of Health Services “The suspension of the sale of alcohol is based on evidence that consumption of alcohol increases the risks posed by COVID-19 due to its negative effects on adherence to COVID-19 protocols.”

Last week the President was reported advising people to keep on best behavior and practices during the holidays, he advised the people to “lock themselves down” to curb the fast spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). Just when the people were beginning to take the President’s advice, the restrictions have already began from the government’s side.

In the past, the alcohol dealers, tourism and hospitality, travel and tours sectors have complained about the government’s sudden decisions as they inconvenience them. According to the said sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic effects have left them with a huge dent- now instead of the government considering that they are trying to recover and make a living, they get further frustrated by sudden restrictions.

The reports have it that the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the worst hit by the pandemic. The alcohol Industry has also reported hundreds of millions of Pulas in losses due to the government’s sudden decisions to place restrictions.

As if the restrictions are not enough, especially in the light of financial crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the police have been instructed to milk of the nation of their last Thebes. “You are hereby directed with immediate effect, all offenders charged for violating COVID-19 laws should face maximum penalties in order to achieve compliance thereto” a SAVINGRAM from Commissioner of Police instructed.

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