Is Vee the God of music in Botswana?

Vee Mampeezy is no doubt the God of music in the landlocked of Botswana. He sure knows that he can get away with any music gig that comes his way. Just this past weekend he made wonders at the Botswana gospel awards. On just his first appearance at the awards, he became a marvel. He was the man of the moment at the awards, everything about his performances was startling.

It is no doubt that one would wonder if Mampeezy is all that the country could have ever hoped for in the music industry. Many artists have come and went, they have been walloped by circumstances and could not hold on, but that can never have been the issue with Mampeezy, he stood the test of time and kept on keeping on. He makes things happen the way he intends on having them. With that placed before you then you can answer if he is the God of music in the country.


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