Kabelo Mogwe Explains The Message Behind Kokomochane Song

Culture Spears The Legacy does not disappoint when it comes to releasing songs with a powerful message. The group leader Kabelo Mogwe, has taken time to explain to their fans the meaning behind the title track of their new album Kokomochane.


“Rome was built in so many years by many people, but it can only take one person one day to destroy all the beauty that all those people built only just to satisfy his or her emotions.ย That’s the message behind Kokomochane taken from our new Album titled Kokomochane,” Kabelo explained.

Kabelo is the only lead vocalist inย the new album, this after the scramble of Cultureย Spears.ย Thembeni left Culture Spears in 2014 toย concentrate on solo project; while Magdelineย Lesolebe of Charma Gal fame left afterย nasty divorce proceedings withย estranged husband and ex co-founder, Kabeloย Mogwe.

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