Kavuru Trai Centre Urged To Extend Training

Kavuru Training Centre which is a significant investment of P20 million by has been called on to open up their training to other mines even beyond Botswana borders. His Honour the Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane said this yesterday when officially opening the training centre in Maun.

The Vice President made a note that, Debswana and Lucara mines will be exploring underground mining in the near future and therefore will need skills offered by the centre. His Honour implored the centre to open doors to other mines and lamented this in a setswana saying, “mabogo dinku a a thebana”, simply meaning that as people we need each other.

Among the dignitaries was Kgosi Kealeletile Moremi of Batawana, and speaking at the event she said that the training centre adds to the facelift of Maun and also in a way, an economic diversification as Maun is well known for its tourism attraction. She said the school is a welcome development in her area.

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