“Kgosi attending a BNF rally not a concern” – BNF

Botswana National Front (BNF) has condemned their political opponents- Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) for spreading “propaganda” about Isaac Kgosi’s attendance of their rally over the weekend.

Kgosi, the former Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) was spotted at BNF’s 56th birthday anniversary over the weekend. The former spy chief went to the rally after his appearance at court.

Most of BDP followers, including those in leadership positions condemned the BNF for admitting Kgosi to their rally, and giving him a top seat. The opposition was labelled hypocrites for accepting, and working with the same men whom they previously did not see eye-to-eye with.

On their response to the remarks, the BNF found it worrying that the BDP would find time to talk about Kgosi attending BNF rally while the government is silent on “bread-and-butter isuues. Instead of talking about Kgosi attending BNF rally, BNF feels the BDP should be addressing corruption, abuse of office, poor state of education and health, high unemployment rate, high electricity and water tariffs, fuel rise, food and generally high cost of living.

The BNF further prides itself, and the opposition bloc with tolerance. The party says it is not surprising that Kgosi was welcomed at their rally. In the past, former presidents of the BDP- Sir Seretse Khama, and Seretse Khama Ian Khama respectively used to attend opposition rallies. President Masisi, while still Vice President also once attended UDC rally. BNF has accused BDP of political intolerance, harassment, and intimidation, saying the BDP must learn from opposition about tolerance.

“This is the tolerance and peace we preach all the time as the opposition bloc and the peace we enjoy today as Batswana is a result of these values and principles. The BNF therefore welcomes everyone to its open and public activities, especially those who come in peace and comradely spirit. This is a lesson that the BDP must learn to stop persecuting, harassing and intimidating its political opponents through the use of state organs like DISS, FIA, BURS, DCEC, state media, etc. In fact, on several occasions, the BDP has disrupted opposition rallies unprovoked.” Justin Hunyepa, BNF Secretary for Information and Publicity charged

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