League Schedule To Continue Inspite Of BPL Drama

The Botswana Premier League is set to continue as scheduled. This comes after weekend changes in the BPL hierarchy.Β Botswana Football Association president Tebego Sebego has confirmed that they want to see the league going on as planned.


Botswana Football Association CEO Kitso Kemoeng will remain incharge of the Botswana Premier League office while BFA Nec and Botswana Premier League Board of Directors are still engaged in talks about the suspensions at BPL Office

The league has to continue nonetheless as BFAΒ still has stakeholders including the fans who need to go to the grounds over the weekend. The league office will be opened and all preparations has toΒ go as planned.

The league took a break during the FIFA week and will be back with all eight fixtures scheduled to take place. Our football struggle is real

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