Lelatisitswe sorry, but not sorry

The Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness- Honourable Sethomo Lelatisitswe has posted an apology which most find not convincing. As the message reads, the assistant minister is not sorry for what the nation mostly is not happy with.

“It is with my outmost humbleness that I extend my sincere apologies on behalf of my family to the Nation, the President of the Republic of Botswana Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi and the entire leadership of the country for the post and comments on my Sethomo Lelatisitswe Official Facebook Page by the page administrator (Who is my nephew), which were tagged n screenshot taken n further distributed through different social media platforms!” the post read.

From Lelatisitswe’s words, he is only sorry “for the post and comments”, but not for conducting a tomb unvailling ceremony at a time when those kind of events are not allowed. According to the Extraordinary Government Gazette published on the 16th August 2021, all events, including cultural and traditional occasions remains suspended. This is the reason why the public is not happy, not for the post and comments.

After Lelatisitswe’s Public Apology, one social media commentator responded, “Sethomo Lelatisitswe forget your nephew. You congregated at a time when “all gatherings are suspended”. The Government Gazette of 16th August 2021 further states that “traditional and cultural occasions are suspended”. The passage of time cannot exempt you of this wrong doing, especially as Assistant Minister of Health & Wellness. What you did is piss on the graves of those we lost to Covid-19, insult the intelligence of a nation that has put everything on hold on account of the pandemic. Tswa hela mo ngwaneng [Leave the child alone]. You messed up!”

“I want to make it clear from the outset that this particular occassion as everyone will know from a family standpoint in our tradition is organized and coordinated by close family this is what happened. Dates were long set a longtime ago and Tombstone erected, it was on this day that our mother was taking off the mourning black/blue dress, our culture prescribe that immediately after giving her a new dress she has to be escorted to cementry by her children to show her where her late husband has been resting for past 12 months. Regardless of above I dont want to downplay the mistake by my nephew although its a mistake that came from a good place not intended to injure anyone. While the event was supposed to celebrate my father’s life it has left my entire family shook and terrified due to the response on Social Media.” added Lelatisitswe.

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier today that the President has summoned Lelatisitswe over the issue. It is still to be revealed if Lelatisitswe met the President and if there are any disciplinary actions taken against him.

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