Lets celebrate Tony Dos Mautsu for making it into the ForbesAfrica30Under30 List


Lets celebrate TONY DOS MAUTSU for making it into the ForbesAfrica30Under30 List

Tony Mautsu is a self-starter and driven entrepreneur. He founded Social Light in 2014, a company that continues to serve Batswana & Southern Africa with digital solutions that promote organisations’ services in an inclusive manner. It is through this offering of socially impactful services such as social media management, content development, livestream and media monitoring.

He has managed to spearhead and develop a niche that connects organisations to people through social media, in a way that encapsulates Africa’s progressiveness, hence the tagline #GloballyAfrican.

Also worth noting, with the support of a team of talented young Batswana, Social Light creates innovative solutions for inclusive access such as provision of Livestream Feeds at various events. In his individual capacity he has provided strategic guidance on human resource development by serving as the Human Resource Development Council’s Finance and Business services sector committee member on issues regarding human resource development and upskilling young Batswana to build Globally competitive careers and businesses.

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