“Magosi did not win anything” -Heii

The Former Botswana National Front (BNF) Youth League President, also the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) activist- Velem Heii has rebuked the narration that Elias Mpedi Magosi has won election for SADC Executive Secretary.

According to Heii, there were never SADC Executive Secretary elections during the just past summit. Denouncing the elections, and Magosi’s victory narration, Heii said through his Facebook post;

“At least by now we should be all aware that there was NO Elections at the just ended SADC Summit to elect the SADC New Executive Secretary. Ellias Magosi did not win anything, the fact is No Elections were held. The Executive Secretary is appointed mainly based on 3 Criteria being Rotation, Geography and Points Systems. Names of Ellis Magosi and Dr Mukela were only assessed by a panel of 4 Countries out 16 Member States. The panelist unanimously agreed that it was Botswana’s turn to take this Position, in any case there was no need for those campaigns since this position is appointed on a rotational basis and it was Botswana’s turn, for those of you who are saying you Won tell us how many votes you got out of the 16 votes of Member States. Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Magosi will replace Dr Lawrence Tax who served 2 Four-Year Terms, Tax replaced Mr Tomaz Salomao of Mozambique in 2013, after he also completed his 2 Four-Year terms, it is believed that Magosi will also serve his 2 Four-Year terms uninterrupted whether he delivers or not.
Magosi did not win, it was Botswana’s turn.

Even if Botswana had put my Name forward i was going to be the next SADC Executive Secretary, no qualification or what so ever is considered there as long as its your turn and you commit to the SADC Agenda thats all.”

Some months back, His Excellency the President Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi launched a fierce campaign for Magosi. During the period, President Masisi went around SADC presenting Magosi before Presidents, and asking for their votes.

According to the reports, there was even a time where Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) came with a proposal for Botswana to withdraw from the SADC Executive Secretary race. That was after Botswana did the same. If Heii’s sentiments are something to go by, it leaves questions on why there had to be campaigns for the seat.

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