Makwala cry mistreatment by BNSC

“I feel burdened and pained whenever I have to represent Botswana in athletics because of the way BNSC treats me. If I was someone else, I could have long quit athletics because of their ill-treatment.” Isaac’Badman’Makwala lamented.

Speaking earlier today while live on Facebook, the talented local 400 and 200 meter star, Isaac ‘Badman’ Makwala shared his emotional story with the nation.

Makwala reminisced about a number of incidents, dating as far as 2015 when the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) mistreated him. The Badman was on fire on 2014 and 2015, breaking records, making history, winning continental, and international medals. Fast-forward to 2017, Makwala was highly ranked in both 400 and 200 meter races worldwide, to his and the nation’s shock, he was not given the recognition and the appreciation he deserved, instead the awards he was supposed to get found way to other athletes.

“In 2015 I ranked number 5 in the world on 400 metres, that year I won the All Africa Championship gold medal, I was nominated for the BNSC sportsman of the year award , but it was awarded to a Boxing guy who didn’t win much, only bronze. I honestly do not know what I have done to the people at BNSC. In 2017 I was ranked number 2 in the world on 400 metres, and number 1 in 200 metres. They did not have a choice, they gave me the award for the best sportsman of the year award, but gave the award for the best sportsperson of the year to a badminton referee. If he deserved the award, why did they not give him the best sportsman award also? ” Makwala wondered with pain in his face.

As if that is not enough, Makwala says the BNSC is tossing him around when requesting incentives for breaking continental records despite the fact that the records are there. Makwala expressed that he has since shifted much of his energy to Diamond leagues as they pay more. According to Makwala, BNSC pays athletes P50 per day while camping for international competitions.

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