Mama Slay Shoots Haters Down!

Our Hip Hop Sasa Klaas is clearly infuriated by ‘haters’ who think she is a gold-digger and cannot afford to pamper herself and pay for her luxurious life. Sasa who is currently on baecation with her boyfriend in China came with guns blazing and said ladies who assume she can’t even buy her own plane ticket lack ambitionΒ adding that theyΒ are in “situationships” that offer nothing but heartbreaks.

MmamongwatoΒ  also added that the way some ladies are obsessed with blessers is starting toΒ concern her. Below are her exact words.

A lot of the people who comment on my personal affairs are female who assume I don’t pay for my own plane tickets. Lol Do you lack that much ambition that it’s hard to believe you can actually hold your own as a woman? Another question is how do you feel disrespecting my partner and assuming the only thing he has to offer is money?? This blesser bullshit has gotten to your heads and it’s really starting to concern me!! Those who know me know how much my independence means to me but also if my man wants to spoil me, what’s so wrong with that?? Mathata ke gore ya’ll are in situationships that offer nothing but Heartbreak and P10 airtime…anyway, I’m glowing….love e monate gore, you should try it sometime ☺️……….(Edit)- and don’t get it twisted, I’m not touched nor do I have chest pains over this but a lot of young girls look up to me and the last thing i want is them laying themselves down for money assuming that’s what they’re fave does…rack up ladies, your equal will find you

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