Market Players run for entrepreneurship

Market Players is set to walk in an effort to raise awareness on challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Botswana, as well as raising funds for building Entrepreneurship Hub.

The Twenty-one kilometre (21kms) relay half-marathon is forecast to take place in Gaborone on the 6th February 2022. The marathon will comprise twenty one (21) entrepreneurs running a relay half-marathon coupled with a high level panel discussion on the twenty one (21) reasons why entrepreneurship development is critical to Botswana’s economic recovery agenda.

Market Players aims to raise at least Seven Hundred thousand Pula (P 700,000.00) for the outfitting of the proposed Market Players Entrepreneurship Hub at Plot 204 Independence, Gaborone, Botswana. The hub is to serve as a base for our entrepreneurship development programs as well as offer subsidized virtual and sitting tenancy options to SMEs.

The non-profit making organization’s objective is to graduate at least one thousand (1000) citizen entrepreneurs from the hub within the first two (2) years of formation.

Market Players is a citizen, youth and women led public benefit trust that is committed to reducing the failure rate of citizen owned businesses in Botswana. We do this by honing the entrepreneur’s business acumen and improving their access to market through a range of business acceleration, incubation and funding programs.

The non-profit organization was founded in July 2020 in Gaborone, Botswana. It is registered with The Office of the Registrar and Master at the High Court of Botswana. Market Players is audited by Mamlathan and Associates in accordance with the Republic of Botswana Trust Property Act No.11 of 2018.

Market Players currently has over three hundred (300,) entrepreneurs, 83% of whom are youth and 57% are women. Over the last year, we have bootstrapped and set up strong corporate governance structures as well as expanded our business network across Africa; and sourced access to market opportunities for local entrepreneurs

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