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“Masisi the hustler must go”- Sibanda

“The song, “Tlogelang Masisi a buse” [“let Masisi rule”] is relevant today. We should remix the song [to] Masisi itlogele o buse [Masisi let yourself rule]. Masisi the hustler must allow Masisi the President some space to take Botswana where it needs to go.” Louis Sibanda held.

His Excellency the President Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi has been accused of being in the run to enrich himself while at the helm of the Government. While he registered more than five (5) companies with CIPA (Companies and Intellectual Property Authority) since ascending to Presidency, President Masisi has also been condemned of getting into a record of business partnerships and winning tenders since becoming President.

“He comes across as a budding tenderprenuer whose side hustle is Presidency than a President who has a side hustle. There is no need to Reset the government. What we need to do is to Reset the Presidency and claim it back from Masisi the hustler and allow Masisi the President to take over. I have a lot of faith in Masisi the president. I’m lost and have no confidence in Masisi the Hustler. Ng ng. The economy is failing. We need jobs. It’s terrible. It’s bad. The dreams and aspirations of 2.4 million of us, depend squarely on Masisi the President, while only his family and friends depend on Masisi the hustler” he charged.

As if displaying himself as a tenderprenuer was not enough, the President has also attracted critisism for lying a lot. Most of the citizens has observed President Masisi as someone whom all he does is talk and and promise but no action. This has made a lot to lose confidence in him, and anything he promises to do. Sibanda says the President must shift attention from self enrichment to government in order to regain the trust and confidence.

“The currency of government is trust. President Masisi needs to work hard on regaining trust. The trust we had on him is flying off at an alarming rate. This is not about the people surrounding him…. it’s him. People can misled you, to a point. But there is a part where the character of the person is illuminated. We need to have confidence in him.” he suggested.

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