Finance Minister Kenneth Matambo Delivers 2016 Budget Speech Today

Minster of Finance and Development Planning Hon. Kenneth Matambo will deliver ‪the 2016 budget speech this afternoon at 1400hrs. The speech will be delivered at the Parliament Buildings as usual. The Minister will probably wish to convey the harsh realities that the economy is facing. His speech will certainly not forecast the ultimate destiny of the economy, but will demonstrate its insistent heavy struggles.

In Matambos shoes

Bearing in mind that this year as Botswana we will be celebrating 50 years of self rule later, one can wonder if we have any cause or reason to be proud, and if we are economically where we should be as a nation. Diamond sales and prices of commodities such as copper, nickel ore are in a slump. Out of this strain that Botswana is under, Matambo might cite this weakness as the reason Botswana is experiencing a volatility in its growth prospects.

Having said that though we hope that the man with the briefcase will bring good news to the nation. Ministries that we will be looking at as young people, are that Of Education, Health and Youth, Sport And Culture.

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