More fire at Botswana craft by Yvonne

For those of the people who have been doubting the singing ability that is bestowed on Yvonne Chaka Chaka they are sure left in awe. The princess of Africa sure did earn her title this past weekend. Yvonne left no stone unturned when she staged a concert here in Gaborone. Her musical prowess can not be surpassed.

Dressed in an African print dress like she would in the past, the African queen danced and the younger yesteryear Yvonne was put back to life. The notion that goes age is just a number was a manifestation when Yvonne performed her dancing styles displayed that she still has it in her and she is going no where. Yvonne commanded the stage in a way that no one else could. Her mic holding was sure that of a professional. Long live the princess of Africa.

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