Motlha goes all Tswana at GIMC

MmaMotse hitmaker Motlha has been the man of theoment since the beginning of this year. He has been making it a priority that he sets the bar high everytime that he makes a performance. He was celebrated most for the song MmaMotse as well as “Go Hisahisa” that he sang alongside ATI. But mich as not been paid atte tion in regard to his regalia that he brings to stage. He is also a great icon in dressing up for the occassion.

This past weekend,Motlha was a showstopper in both attiee and performance. He came to the stage looking all sorts of dapper and did not look back but put up a mesmerizing performance. Backed by dancers dressed in traditional attire, Motlha staged a great performance. The jazz section of the festival was billed with great artists and it is understandable why Motlha woild want to bring his A-Game to the show.

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