New Drama, Colours To Air Soon On BTV

New Drama, Colours To Air Soon On BTV

A new 26 episode drama dubbed Colours will start airing on Botswana Televisoin soon. The drama will be addressingΒ Β life issues and explores survival techniques in the work place and in life generally.

The drama targets a diverse age group and addresses issues that are dormant across all age groups. The play was scripted by four individuals, Bonginhlahla Ncube, Thabiso Thanthoyakgole, Anita Tau, Tshepiso Babusi and Bose Bondo.

The director,Β  Bonginhlahla Ncube has told the media that the play was inspired by the fight for survival in the workplace. People coming from different backgrounds and everyone is trying to survive.Β  Everyone wants to survive at whatever cost. So if that opportunity avails itself and now you are a bread winner, you will do anything to survive. So drama was inspired by that approach in life.

β€œThe drama has a full message that touches on the issues of HIV/AIDS, the pulling Down syndrome, love affairs, office fights, family dynamics, and disjoined families, how a young man tries to pull together his family,” he said. One of the script writers, Bose Bondo added that they wanted to also address issues of drug abuse. Ncube highlighted that the drama is on its own class and was not influenced by any local production.

The story line follows the life of a young man, who has ambitions of succeeding and making it to the top. But his road is full of obstacles, as would be expected; there are politics he encounters along the way and stumbling blocks that threaten his desired destiny. He however proves to be determined to overcome all obstacles on his way

β€œHis academic life is a bit dodgy but he has got the right qualifications. So he must do the job he was given even if he does not have the right qualifications for the job. In the mix of all of that there is a young sister and a young brother. The mother passed away and they struggled after the death. It’s kind of a disjoined family,” Ncube said. Ncube pointed out that the message that the drama also tackles social issues experienced on a daily basis.

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