“Please be reminded that you will never be poor again.” – Butale to Masisi

The Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) has once again condemned President Masisi’s visit to Namibia. In his statement, the party President- Biggie Ganda Butale said this is an “extremely reckless behavior from President Masisi”

“The norm is that, after a state visit the other head of state also visits to reciprocate. Shockingly, we see President Masisi in the middle of a pandemic travelling to Namibia repeatedly and at huge cost.” Butale asserted.

This was the second time in less than a month that President travelled to Namibia on a work visit; before today, President Masisi last went to Namibia on the twenty-nine (29) of January this year. The purpose of today’s meeting according to a Facebook post by President Masisi was to meet an investor “who is offering to desalinate water from Atlantic Ocean’’ and supply both Namibia and Botswana. Meanwhile the previous meeting was to strengthen bilateral ties as reported by the state media.

Meanwhile, Butale and BPF are not at all convinced by these statements as they are of the view that the president is pursuing his personal affairs

“Given the irrational nature of these visits, Batswana have started murmuring on why he keeps travelling. The President can no longer argue against people who say he had to travel to Namibia twice in row to take his own COVID-19 vaccine shots and also that he travels to Namibia because he has a personal interest in the discovery of oil which will be refined in Namibia and not in Botswana.” Butale charged.

According to Butale, President Masisi’s frequent visits to Namibia are expensive, especially in a “broke” state we are told the government is in and the huge budget deficit the president talks about. Butale and BPF are of the view that the meetings could have been done virtually to cut the costs. “We wish to caution against this behavior and remind President Masisi of his oath of office to serve Batswana diligently and without prioritizing his personal interests. “ he proclaimed.

“While at it, Mr. President, please be reminded that you will never be poor again. Just merely being in that office means you’ll be taken care of by the state, you do not need to be in a foot race to become the wealthiest individual in this country. ”

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