President Khama Rides For Charity!

Sunday morning His Excellency, President Khama joined bikers in the 6th annual Re Mmogo Charity Toy ride from Gaborone to Lentsweletau. The Botswana Biker Society and their partners, being Citizen Design, Shoprite, Checkers, Lion Park and Gabz FM once again hosted the Re Mmogo Charity Ride for the 6th time this year.


This year it was bigger and better and they are hoping to increase their Charity work this year. This is their mandate and from the donations and monies received at last year’s event, they have managed to make the life’s easier for organisations and for people. Without the support of Botswana and care for the underprivileged and destitute people, this would not have been made possible.

The first citizen, Mr President, who happens to love sport, yesterday also took part in the event. We salute you our president, for practicing what you preach.

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