Qs Building Company resuscitate economy of Selibe Phikwe

Viable business concepts succeed and could sustain market places in the time of economic crisis.Qs Building company in Selibe Phikwe is such a company that has a feasible business model that could help resuscitate the economy of the town.

However, after the closure of BCL mine in Selibe Phikwe town, most companies that operated within the perimeters of the mining town were downgraded while some relocated to areas where they expected to make profit, but in contrast, Qs building emerged from the infertile soil of the town with an aim to create job opportunities and revive the economy of the mining town.

After adopting the skills of designing from a certain men from Sri Lanka, who used to run a manufacturing business in Selibe Phikwe town, the owner of the Qs Building Company, Mr Segaetsho Gaarekwe used the skill to upgrade his life and that of the people of Selibe Phikwe.

Briefing members of the media recently, Mr Gaarekwe has reiterated that he used the chance of the closure of BCL mine to explore opportunities for market as he wanted to quantify to people that they could still lead good lives without a mining.Mr Gaarekwe who started the business through his own investment, specialises on designing baths, toilet seats and water tanks out fibre glass.

He explained that products made out fibreglass were strong, hard and not heavy to carry out adding that such products were easy to clean and hard to get rusty.Mr Gaarekwe’s products were in high demand as were even consumed by people from Gaborone, Francistown and even intentionally.

“Entering into a manufacturing kind of business like mine was risky and challenging as most the material I use were not available in Botswana but rather important from Asian countries like China and India”, he said.He noted that transportation of his products and taxing were problematic as much of his derived revenue were consumed by such factors.By Moses Moleboge

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