Re-Alignment Of Policies To Economic Inclusion Law Crucial -PSP

Public officers have been called upon to align policies with the economic inclusion act.

The call was made by the Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Ms Emma Peloetletse when addressing southern region public officers at Goo-Kodisa on Wednesday.

Ms Peloetletse said the Economic Inclusion Act, which came into operation in April, provided for the implementation of existing economic empowerment laws and initiatives, as well as … the effective participation of β€˜targeted citizens’ in the economic growth and development of the economy, among others.

She said the Act applied to all sectors of the economy and required both public and private bodies to participate actively in the economic transformation that it sought to achieve.

She said economic inclusion meant that all consumers had access to safe, secure, and affordable financial products and services, adding therefore that ownership of a transaction account was the first step towards economic inclusion.

The PSP said economic inclusion meant there should be equal opportunities for all in life and no one should be left behind. She thus implored public officers to design policies tailored-made to promote local entrepreneurs or businesses as well as to be customer centric.

She said it was paramount to portray Botswana in a positive light, adding that public service officers should cherish the moment and assets that they were entrusted with.

She urged them to study and understand government policies and to cascade them to subordinates, as well to promote them to the public, to ensure all benefitted from them.

Ms Peloetletse said it was every public officer’s responsibility and duty to defend and implement policies.

On other issues, Ms Peloetletse decried lack of project management and coordination, saying some public officers only visited sites during project handover.

She emphasised frequent site visits to ensure the money injected into a project equated its value and workmanship.

She said there was need to come up with structures that would last a long time and also use building materials that were accessible or easily available to avoid unnecessary delays during project implementation or maintenance.

Ms Peloetletse’s nationwide tour to address and engage with public service employees is meant to appreciate their concerns and challenges, apprise on the Reset Agenda and rationalisation of ministries. Ends

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