Rebuttal – allegations OF Manipulation of Tlotso’s DNA report

The Botswana Police Service (BPS) has noted with concern an article that appeared on the
Botswana Guardian Newspaper of July 1, 2022, Page 5, headlined “Forensics Police
Manipulated Tiotso’s DNA Report?”.

The article alleges that the BPS manipulated the DNA reports to declare the missing seven-year-
old boy, Tlotso Karema, of Lobatse dead. It also states that the BPS Forensic Laboratory uses a
manual DNA system in which it is possible and easy to switch samples and manipulate results.
The article further alleges that the manipulation also happens a lot in rape ca
hereby the BPS
Forensic Laboratory officers are colluding with suspects and tampering with analysis, in return of

We wish to state for the record that the article, that casts aspersions on the BPS Forensic
Laboratory is misleading, malicious and devoid of the truth. The truth of the matter is that the BPS
Forensic Laboratory is using current and automated equipment that meet international set
standards, to conduct DNA tests.

As such, the notion that the BPS uses a manual DNA system to manipulate results, collude with
suspects for monetary gains is not true and it is intended to discredit the organisation and its
operations. As a matter of fact and principle, the BPS Forensics Laboratory processes are
consistent with set International Standards and best practice, and serves as a reference for other
laboratories in our region.

Conformity with the laws of Botswana, the BPS Forensic Laboratory conducts DNA tests openly
and transparently, allowing parties dissatisfied with the results to conduct their own independent
DNA tests. It is worth noting that there is nothing in the said article, that indicates how the DNA
results were manipulated, neither does the article provide any evidence of corrupt practices on
the part of the police.
Botho Excellence Integrity Teamwo

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