“Refuse to be used to endorse the 2024 general election if it is not free and fair” – BPF to Magosi

The newly appointed SADC Executive Secretary- His Excellency Mr. Elias Mpedi Magosi has been urged to refuse to being used as a tool. The Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) said in his congratulatory message to Magosi on behalf of the BPF.

“To be explicit, we in the opposition hope Mr. Magosi will refuse to be used to endorse the 2024 general election if it is not free and fair. With that said, the BPF duly notes the partisan euphoria and triumphalism among BDP members. We encourage our members to exercise patriotic duty and not wish Mr. Magosi ill on basis of misguided self-congratulation by the BDP. This was not some referendum on the state of our country by any stretch of imagination.” Ookeditse said.

The BPF was noting this in light of the political challenges which have been showing within Southern African Development Community (SADC). Ookeditse mentioned the recent incidents in Swaziland, reports of authoritarianism in Zimbabwe, and the attempt by His Excellency the President of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu to reject elections outcome. Moreover, Ookeditse mentioned the tussles in Botswana in regards to the 2019 general elections results.

Though there were some critics from the opposition in the past when Mr. Magosi’s candidacy was announced, and during his campaign sponsored by President Masisi, the BPF says bygones are bygones. However, the BPF challenges Magosi to deal with the challenges which are eminent in the region.

“On behalf of the leadership and members of the Botswana Patriotic Front, we send hearty congratulations to Mr. Elias Mpedi Magosi for his election to the position of SADC Executive Secretary. Whatever differences we may have with the partisan political principals that Mr. Magosi served, and hopefully will not continue to serve in his new position, we wish him well in this role. The SADC region has several opportunities and challenges. There is an opportunity for deepening regional integration and cooperation to achieve common goals by member states. We believe Mr. Magosi will judiciously implement decisions of the Member States to facilitate for the people of our region to have a more prosperous shared future.” Ookeditse urged.

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