Reports Of Closure Of Dukwi Refugee Camp Misleading And Untrue

The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security, wishes to assure the public that contrary to false media reports, the Government of Botswana has no plan to close Dukwi Refugee Camp, to convert it into a Botswana Defence Force Camp.

Botswana has been home to refugees from many countries for many years and has maintained a very good record on the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in compliance with her international obligations. In this regard, Botswana has been commended by the UNHCR and other international bodies for its treatment of refugees.

The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security gave a comprehensive and detailed response to the Weekend Post questionnaire on this matter, it was made categorically clear that the Botswana Government has no plans of closing Dukwi refugee camp, to convert it into a Botswana Defence Force Camp.

It is regrettable that the Weekend Post after receiving our response and comprehensive information instead chose to publish fictitious, inaccurate and misleading information.As always our doors are open to all those who require factual and truthful information about Dukwi refugee camp.

[Signed]Dimpho Mogami

FOR/Permanent Secretary

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