Reversal or shame?

The Ministry of Health and Wellness have reversed, or rather nullified the decision to vaccinate the Senior government officials and their spouses. The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Wellness have set the record straight.

In the press release she penned, Muzila declared null and void the SAVINGRAM which has been circulating on social media suggesting that the senior government officials and their spouses are to be prioritized in the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) vaccination programme.

The SAVINGRAM bearing the Director of Health Services- Dr. Malebogo Kebabonye’s name announced, “As per cabinet sitting on 30 June 2021, a decision has been reached to extend COVID-19 vaccine to the country leadership in the effort to ensure continuity of governance.”

The SAVINGRAM went on to mention Members of Judiciary, Members of Parliament, Members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi, Councillors, Senior government officials (up to Director level) and Members of District Development Committee as identified beneficiaries.

However, the announcement by the Director of Health Services was soon followed by a press release declaring the SAVINGRAM null and void. The press release by Muzila stated;

“The Ministry of Health and Wellness has noted a Savingram circulating on social media issued by the Director of Health Services that gave an impression that cabinet had taken a decision that certain categories of executive leadership in government and their spouses are to be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination.

The Ministry wishes to state for the record, that it has not received any cabinet directive to that effect. The Ministry is continuing to implement the National Vaccine Deployment Plan as approved by the cabinet. Therefore, the said internal communication is withdrawn with immediate effect.”

As the two clashing communiques are out in the public domain, it remains uncertain if the press release is genuine or is just a mere spin doctoring. This is especially because there is no dispute that that the cabinet took a decision to prioritize senior government officials for COVID-19 vaccination plan, rather the release mentions that such directive has not arrived yet.

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