Rock a dress like Zen

Zenzele Hirschfield is a music promoter and sure knows how to put a fabric the way a lady must. Today we share our most adored Zen’s dress pictures!

This dress is leading showstopper, the flower it depicts does the things that can not be done. It goes well with the red underneath bra together with the hairstyle.

The shoulders out, the peach looking dress is simple yet talks loud in volumes. It goes well with the skin color, the promoter sure knows how to work out the appropriate pose. The black earrings dim the brightness given by the dress.

Zen is awoman of intergrity. Her dress style sense do the talking for her. She puts red with green and it just sure blends.

The black dress together with the hairstyle gives Zen an African-American look. Girl sure is born in the continent! Her shoes too compliment the simpleness in the dress.

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