SKI Khama Foundation Kickstarts

The Former President His Excellency Lt. Gen. Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has always been known for his philanthropical work, to further advance the gesture, Khama has launched a charitable organization.

During his tenure as the President, Khama made an appeal to the nation to help the less privileged by building houses for them. He did this to fulfill one of his governing principles “Dignity” which promoted dignity for all.

Since his appeal, hundreds of houses has been, and continue to be built up to date. Apart from the housing appeal, Khama has been going around the country making donations.

The Foundation is going to help further his donation culture according to a release from his office. The SKI Khama Foundation is set to perpetuate “Youth Empowerment, Women Entrepreneurship, Housing and Cultural Expression among others.” The Foundation will be governed by a Board of Trustees and operates on a Financial Year that runs from 1st January to 31st December in one calendar year.

“In the area of housing which is an urgent and present need, the FOUNDATION will set itself an ambitious target which will take into consideration the much depressed economic activity across the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic. A typical shelter comprises one bedroom, a living and dining area, kitchen, bath area and toilet. Such support will go a long way in helping the FOUNDATION to realise these high purpose aims and objectives for the benefit of the citizens of Botswana in the fields indicated above.” the Press Statement from the Former President’s office proclaimed.

For his part, the Former President His Excellency Khama asserted that his parents has left him β€œa legacy which was rooted in caring for vulnerable people” something he too have always had a deep passion for. β€œIn setting up this Foundation I am motivated to use it to continue caring for such people and to further empower the youth and women in that category, and to care for the environment and nature, as well as the promotion of democracy.” he promised.

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