“Tell the nation the truth “- Saleshando

The Leader of Opposition, also the Member of Parliament for Maun West- Dumelang Saleshando has comdemned the government on the ongoing problem with interzonal travel permits.

Saleshando says the government should come out clean and tell the nation the truth about why the interzonal permits are currently on hold. According to the Leader of Opposition, the government has taken a deliberate move to impose a lockdown without announcing it to the nation.

“The permit application system still gives the false response that this is due to scheduled system maintenance. Why can’t the nation be told the truth? It can not be acceptable that as at last week Friday, the minister could not offer a precise report as to why the country was seemingly placed under an undeclared lockdown, as a huge inconvenience for businesses and households.” Saleshando charged.

Following the aftermath of increased cases during the festive season, a decision was made to curb the movement of people between zones for Easter holidays. However, this was announced at the eleventh hour. The communication indicated that the active permits have been nullified, and the permit application system was shut down.

This move by the government received critisism from most Batswana. Some business owners indicated that the sudden announcement of movement restrictions has incovinienced them as they had already prepared for business during the Easter holidays. Some business indicated that they had bought food stuffs as they already recorded bookings.

The businesses have already made a loss over the holidays, but even up to now, a week after the holidays, the permit application system is still not working. Saleshando is of the view that this is having an additional negative impact on the businesses. The Leader of Opposition and other Members of Parliament have argued that the situation is now becoming an enemy to progress as as such must be rectified.

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