Ten Ways To Boost Your CV

10 Ways to boost your CV! Ever wondered why some people apply for jobs and almost instantly get the posts but you have done it for years and can’t find a streak of luck? Is your curriculum vitae up to par with today’s expectations within the employment sector? Fear not. Here are ten ways to boost your CV and guarantee you positive feedback in your next application!Β 

1. Prepare your CV well in advance of job opportunities to avoid last minute rush jobs which might cause you to miss vital information.Β Β 

2. Proof read your CV for any mistakes in grammar and special checks. Have someone double check it for you as well.  

3. Highlight professional qualifications and do away with mentioning information from back in the day. Whoever will look at your CV is mostly interested in your current highest qualifications only.  

4. References are not entirely necessary at this stage. Just state their availability upon request to avoid clutter on your CV.  

5. Include the use of tables but for small amounts of text. 

6. Use the selection criteria to align the skills and experiences on your CV with the job description. 

7. Short block of texts and the use of bullet points is encouraged. Long paragraphs are tedious to read through.  

8. Always include a profile-this can also be a  personal statement. It will work well for you but only if you have some relevant points to make.  

9. Make it your duty to demonstrate your enthusiasm and creativity. This helps to compensate for lack of experience and to show passion and commitment to learn. 

10. Avoid clichΓ©s and buzzwords. Keep it professional always no matter how small of a role you think you are applying for. The idea is to impress your potential employer.  


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