The Drugs Are Not Cool Movement Sensitize Botswana Youth On The Dangers Of Drugs

If you think Botswana is a drug free country, then think again. The drug epidemic is reaching our boarders at a fast pace. We are losing many young people and future leaders to the cruel drug world. An initiation by the name Drugs Are Not Cool Movement has taken it upon itself to curb the use of drugs by young people in our country.


The main aim of this movement is to give awareness to the youth of Botswana about the problem of illegal drugs that we are facing in Botswana and share how to solve this problem. They use Radio interviews to educate the nation about drugs and what’s happening in the drug world. They use the platform to voice out their concerns about drugs and theirΒ intentions on the fight against illegal drugs.

The Most Common Drugs In Botswana Are:

  • Dagga remains the most abused illicit or illegal drug in Botswana due to its easy availability.
  • Cocaine is the second placed abused drug with rock or crack cocaine being the most abused drug.
  • Ecstasy.
  • Alcohol.
  • Madaena

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