The Movie About Seretse And Ruth, A United Kingdom, Starts Playing Tomorrow

Are You Excited To See A United Kingdom? Then the day you have been waiting for is upon us as this movie is airing in our local cinemas tomorrow.  This is a powerful, emotional and true story that showed the strength, courage conviction and determination both Seretse and Ruth had.


The story is a compelling one, taking us from the rainy streets of post-War London to the wide plains of Africa right here home. The message that loves saves all is timeless, but the narrative is also rooted in a certain specificity. An inspiring couple and a story that needed to told.

The director is Amma Asante, who made her name with Belle, also examining race-relations. The choice of a black-British director is a smart one, because it ensures that the racism both of them suffered from will not be toned down for the sake of its prestige audience. Be among the first who see the movie tomorrow at New Capitol Cinemas.


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