Things To Know When Going To An Interview At A Government Department

The government hires the most people and they do it quite often. It is not too hard to ace an interview at a government department because they usually ask pretty much the same questions.

Check out the pointers below and ace that upcoming interview;

When going for an interview in a government department you MAY expect some of these questions.

1. Which ministry does the department follow under?
2. Who is the minister?
3. Who is the assistant minister?
4. Who is the permanent secretary?
5. List the 5bs?
6. List the 5ds?
7. List the 5rs?
8. Tell us the meaning of the colours in the Botswana’s flag?
9. What are the 2036 pillars?
10.Intreprete the Coat of Arms

THE 5 D’s
β€’ Democracy
β€’ Discipline
β€’ Development
β€’ Dignity
β€’ Delivery

THE 5 B’s
β€’ Botho
β€’ Bofefo
β€’ Bonatla
β€’ Botswerere
β€’ Botlhaga

THE 5 R’s
β€’ Redo,
β€’ Rebuild
β€’ Rethink
β€’ Recycle
β€’ Reuse

β€’ 3 cog wheel represents industry.
β€’ 3 wavy blue bands represents water.
β€’ The sorghum head and a bull’s head represents agriculture.
β€’ 2 black and white zebras represents unity and harmony between the races.
β€’ The word pula means let there be rain.

β€’ Sustainable Economic Development
β€’ Human and Social Development
β€’ Sustainable Environment
β€’ Governance, Peace and Security

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