His Honour the Vice President, Mr Slumber Tsogwane when addressing a Kgotla meeting in Mokobaxane recently implored youth to register Trusts and improve their lives. Xere Conservation Trust in Boteti District is proof of what Trusts could achieve as their contribution to cultural tourism.

Xere Conservation Trust is currently working hard to build a cultural village in Xere, the overall aim being to showcase the rich Sesarwa Culture.

Through the assistance of The Vice President’s Office, together with the Technical Advisory Committee under the Department of Wildlife Xere Conservation Trust engaged UNDP for funding. The Trust has therefore been funded by UNDP to the tune of P451 000.

Ms Gasenna Geoffrey, a member of the trust said, β€œfunds have been used to fence our two yards as well as construction of Sesarwa traditional houses (megwaafatshe)”.
Currently, seven houses have been built, and they will be used for different purposes. One will be used as a souvenir shop while the rest will be used for accommodation, reception and dining. Camping services will also be provided on site.

Some of the activities to be showcased at Xere Conservation Trust will be, but not limited to the following; showcasing of their traditional doctors’ practice, how Basarwa women take care of a young girl when she graduates to a woman, as well as the all night song and dance they get into as a celebration for a hunt gone well.

It is evident that Xere Conservation Trust activities are in line with Sustainable Development Goal number 1 (SDGs) which aims at ending poverty in all forms everywhere. This goal is also in line with Vision 2036 which also has an objective of ending poverty and fostering shared prosperity as well as empowering the poor and marginalized people, to take advantage of available opportunities.

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