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“We will not be saved by a dictatorship” -Ngakaagae

Kgosietsile Ngakaagae has spoken again on President Masisi’s aspirations to extend the State of Public Emergency (SOE) for the third time in a row. When he first got the taste of SOE, His Excellency the President Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi imposed two weeks SOE. He would then ask for six (6) month extension from the parliament which he got. Masisi then got another extension, then the third term to rule with excessive powers courtesy of SOE.

It is often said that absolute power corrupts, the same is the true for President Masisi as critics suggest. Led by Ngakaagae, critics anticipate another extension of SOE by Masisi’s government and have vowed not to let it happen.”Eighteen (18) months on, our health service has not been fully capacitated to take up the COVID-19 effort as it’s core responsibility. And it is required of us to accept that only a dictatorship can save our lives. Let’s refuse this fallacy, let’s refuse! We will not be saved by a dictatorship, we will be saved by the truth. We will be saved by a government that capacitates it’s health service to do the job for which it exists. President Masisi cannot be better than health service, it’s a lie!” Ngakaagae charged. Through his Facebook post, Ngakaagae encouraged and called on to the citizens to rise up in unison to reject another extension of the SOE. He noted that the opposition legislators alone cannot stop the extension of the SOE as they are outnumbered by the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) government. “We must begin dialogue on passive resistance to the intended SoPE. We must discuss how this tyranny can be resisted and defeated, through non violent means. We must discuss how everyone can protest from where they are in a manner that doesn’t assist the spread of COVID19. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. Where there’s a will, there is a way. A page will be opened for that purpose, and you will be notified. It’s shall be open to all, including law enforcement agents. Everything will be discussed openly.” he encouraged.

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