What to do when Covid-19 positive- Lesang Magang

Below is my experience and what I did to help me get over this period. It might not be for everyone but whether you are asymptomatic like I was or you become symptomatic, Covid is here and we don’t know when it will be entirely eliminated. I must say though that I had started steaming on and off a couple of weeks before, consider doing that once daily and if you are positive maybe even 3 times a day.

1 . The advantage of telling people in your circle and those you came into contact with is that you get all the tips to assure you that you will be fine. The biggest challenge is your mind as it will get you all panicked into a frenzy and that’s why they say stress causes inflammation which is  a major health problem. So you need familiar people who you know and trust to keep things real. Daily reassurance is important and I will tell you why later.

2. On the day I got my results, I started steaming with a purpose and imagining the virus hiding in my upper nasal tract. I would breath the steam in 10 times through nose out through the mouth and 10 times through mouth out through nose. If a steamer can iron a shirt and a suit then I imagined the virus with its wart like exterior being steamed alive. All you need ke go aramela ka a few leaves tsa Moologa, if you can get it or just plain water. If you have a sore throat rinse with warm salted water.

3. By the evening I had got the supplements that one normally gets to fight a flu virus, hovering in my mind was the fact that the new covid variant has reached our shores and is more deadly. In my first 3 days I had absolutely no symptoms so I took my own sweet time getting counselling from all over. By Monday I was fully stocked with Vit C,Vit D, Zinc , Immune booster and anti-oxidant.  I got Panado as I felt a headache coming. You can consider Corenza C as a combination for Vit C and Paracetamol if necessary.

I will also talk about natural products and indigenous food if manufactured supplements are not in your budget later.  I trust NAFTEC has looked into having a chart of nutritional foods that we have forgotten as have adopted the western diet. If they have note done it to focus on immune boosting for the corona virus, then please tag them to this post to look into it.

4. Drinking lots of water is imperative though at night I was up and down going to the loo, but still felt thirsty for more water. This is normal and you should do that without thinking it’s too much, my wife insisted I take warm water disgusting as it tastes. My sense of taste and smell never changed so I still enjoyed my normal morning coffee and healthy breakfast with fruits.

5. Having told friends in and out of Botswana, since there’s no stigma attached to being having covid in my view, I got even more information including my brother calling to say cut out your excessive exercise and just focus your body on dealing with any eventualities. The biggest revelation, which I am not saying is a must purchase, was getting an Oximeter a friend who had just experienced covid recommended. After being told that some of the fittest Ironman participants and sports people have died from Covid related effects I acquired it. My first response was β€œOxi  what?” Basically it measures the oxygen flow in the blood.  Some will say it’s an over kill but as the saying says β€œwhat can’t be measured ….” What I got to understand is that if your lungs get infected and pump less oxygen it puts a strain on your heart which needs to pump faster, this is can lead to other complications.

Not knowing how to operate the Oximeter because like most people, I don’t read the manual but try figure out how to use a new gadget. I got a bad reading and quickly went reached for my wallet and called Tsosi to take me to the hospital. In her calm demeanor, she read the instructions and narrated how to use the gadget properly by breathing normally to get a good reading. So I calmed down remembering that I was still breathing just as I had been 10 minutes earlier, but a tingle in my throat felt like it was constricting my lungs. My mind was playing games with me and the anxiety of all that could happen almost crushed my mind. Another friend reminded me to use the Oximeter at best twice a day, morning and evening, because if you measure too many times during day the brain can play up all symptoms or make them worse with anxiety.

6. My other advice to anyone who gets a positive result, and this includes politicians and public figures, is to zone out of negative news as much as possible, or things that make you over-think or stress about replying on social media or by phone. You need all your happy endorphins on fire even if it means joking about the situation, doing productive thinking and slowing down considerably.

Currently there is no pressing need for public gatherings including political events, which make total observation of health protocols to be enforced impossible. The problem with covid is that it doesn’t care who you are and I say this out of love because just like everyone, I have relatives and friends I care about. The Vitamin D from the sun is not worth pushing the envelope for these super spreader of unnecessary rallies. You don’t want to wish Covid-19 on anyone as it spreads indiscriminately, and take it from me the experience is scary and I don’t wish it on anyone.

I must thank Manchester United for the happiness it added to my environment over the past 10 days. I mean you all know how it feels when your team is doing well and that’s how you need to feel a lot of times in healing. Family and friends checking on you remotely does its trick in keeping you focused on healing.

I have now been released from isolation and just to remind and repeat to all of us that until we get the vaccines as part the SADC Block Vaccine consignments, it’s all on us individually. Even when we do get the vaccines it will still be a while till all are vaccinated anyway.

 We are looking at a future where some form or proof of vaccination will be needed to travel. Things are fluid at the moment and my experience of covid might help some who get a positive covid-19 result and are panicking thinking it’s all over. Some need to prepare and or budget for vitamin supplements to know they can get over this.

 My scientific proof of what just might work is based on my experience, so my fall back or default position is that you do what you normally do when you feel a flu coming. Those who cannot afford the above as it’s not likely to suit everyone’s budget, should consider all the recommended by NAFTEC gives on indigenous foods and plants that are affordable to the majority and offer some form of immune boosting of the body as part of a global homeopathic trend, nature is one big pharmacy. This is not only what our ancestors lived but they knew all the benefits to the body. Government should look into how this can be promoted as an overall economic diversification in the food and nutrition sector for the next Covid variant or health pandemic.

It will be months before vaccines arrive and our health system will not cope so we all need to do our small part before it’s too late. Let’s take responsibility of our own lives and wear masks, wash our hands and social distance at ALL times.

NB: Magang is not a health expert- he is a politician and a businessman, he is just sharing based on his experiences.

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