Where did the money come from?

  • “You gave us the money”- GS-26
  • “We didn’t give you any money”- BTU

Ordinarily, people like taking credit, even for the things they did not do, interestingly in this case people do not want to take the credit they have been afforded.

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Student wing at the University of Botswana (UB) have written a report of what transpired in the last Student Representative Council (SRC) elections. The elections they have dismally lost.

Though most part of the report they were pointing fingers and throwing tantrums, the GS-26 however took a moment in their lengthy report to thank those who assisted them. Among those who assisted, the GS-26 thanked two (2) institutions; DDT College of Medicine, and Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) for assisting their campaign financially.

“Since the approved funds were nowhere near enough, the Committee went out to solicit donations from various organisations and individuals of which all, save for Botswana Teachers Union and D.D.T College of Medicine, could not assist.” the young democrats appreciated.

Meanwhile, the Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) was quick to deny ever assisting GS-26 with finances. BTU confirm to have received the sponsorship request but claims to have never responded in favour.

“Botswana Teachers Union wishes to categorically clear the misleading and false claims where it states that, Botswana Teachers Union partly sponsored the GS-26 campaign. We wish to state that Botswana Teachers Union is a public institution whose members subscribe to different political formations. It follows then that its resources cannot be used to advance any political party interests.” BTU Secretary General, Agang Gabana rebutted.

BTU says it is currently communicating with GS-26 to establish if the report is theirs and if they indeed authored those claims. Meanwhile, the question remains, where did the money come from, and why did the GS-26 acknowledge BTU as a sponsor?

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