Why Γ fter school activity is worth it

Kids have gotten more and more affected by diabetes than ever before. Their health has been compromised with the times and they are suffering too because of GMO foods,easy internet access and mostly lack of activity. In today’s body of work we bring you reasons why an after school activity is vital hence worth the effort.

1. Decision-making skills

For starters, after-school activities let kids figure out what they like and what they’re good at. “When kids are selecting which activities to participate in, they are looking inward and deciding if they are enjoying it, which creates self-awareness and a sense of knowing what they like, what they don’t and how to make decisions accordingly,” explainsΒ Dr. Sanam Hafeez, an NYC-based licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services.

2. Confidence

Giving kids something to do that interests them can increase their confidence and give them direction and purpose, explains Hafeez. And it doesn’t have to be sports: being part of a volunteer group, marching band, photography or computer lab comes with the same benefits of being a part of a peer group. That confidence can transfer into other areas of their lives, such as giving them the confidence to thrive in their studies.

3. Socialization

After-school activities can also help kids develop socialization skills away from the structure of the classroom according to author and practicing clinical psychologistΒ Dr. John MayerΒ (no, notΒ that one). Because after-school activities give kids more time to interact freely, kids then have the opportunity to practice and experiment with socialization skills. They are allowed to fail and then learn from their failures, which are vital experiences for them, explains Mayer.

4. Friendship

It may be a controversial statement, but here’s the truth: Kids don’t have to make close friends at school. Hey,Β Prince George isn’t even allowed to! It’s great if in-class bestie bonding happens, of course, but if it doesn’t, after-school activities can be fantastic places for children to develop friendships with peers who are “sharing the same interests or passions,” says Mayer.

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5. Passion

Speaking of passion, one of the greatest benefits of after-school activities is that they can help a child discover what really ignites a fire within them. “One of the biggest deficits that I encounter in teenagers that leads to substance abuse, aggression, poor grades, lack of motivation, delinquency and on and on, is that they have not tapped into their passions,” says Mayer. Kids who find a passion early on have an even greater incentive to stay focused, and they learn what is required in working toward a goal.

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