The Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr Phemelo Ramakorwane has called on Farmers’ Committees to actively collaborate with the police in coming up with effective strategies aimed at curbing stock theft.

Mr Ramakorwane made the call when addressing residents of Moremi and Lesenepole on Friday (17/02/2023). He advised the committees to have regularly-updated registers of all the farmers and their livestock in their localities. He said that such registers will help monitor various transactions involving their livestock, adding that this will demand accountability of every committee member.

In response to farmers’ requests for more anti-stock theft resources, the Acting Commissioner stated that the Botswana Police Service (BPS) is working round the clock to avail more manpower and tools. However, he stressed that more police personnel and resources would not be enough without the farmers’ input.

On the other hand, Mr Ramakorwane also castigated farmers who rarely visited their livestock, stating that this has a serious bearing on anti-stock theft measures.

In conclusion, the Acting Commissioner further urged residents to share with the police any information pertaining to suspected stock thieves without fear, guaranteeing them confidentiality in the process.

For his part, Kgosi Thebe Monyepele of Lesenepole reiterated the need for farmers to work with the police in fighting stock theft. He reasoned that as residents, they know livestock brands and their owners in the area, which would help in coming up with reliable registers.

He said that the local farmers understand the geographical territories better, something that would help in developing relevant strategies applicable to them.

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